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CloudXR is NVIDIA's solution for streaming virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) content from any OpenVR XR application on a remote server—cloud, data center, or edge. The CloudXR streaming solution includes NVIDIA RTX™ hardware, NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) drivers, and the CloudXR software development kit (SDK).

Our team at Boston Labs developed the Boston Roamer MU-CXR which has been tested and optimised from the ground up for CloudXR and is ready for any XR capable device, be it tethered, all-in-one or even for mobile clients. Utilising SteamVR and NVIDIA’s CloudXR, applications are streamed directly from a powerful remote server to any compatible device through Wi-Fi or even 5G cellular.

Part One: Cutting VR tethers with CloudXR & MU-CXR  Part Two: Cutting VR tethers with CloudXR & MU-CXR


Streaming for Extended Reality

Types of XR | Why MU-CXR? | More the Merrier | Sci-Fi Meets Reality


Virtual reality is quickly becoming the medium of choice for a variety of leisure and commercial applications including; gaming, simulation, engineering and training; to name a few. The Roamer MU-VR disrupts the limitations of the traditional single-user VR setup; where historically VR has used a gaming PC or workstation, yielding challenges when running the latest applications.

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With the expanding market with XR content, be it augmented, mixed, or virtual reality, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver high quality content without restricting users to dedicated spaces or have setups that non-technical users may struggle to use. Here at Boston Labs we have had an exciting opportunity to try out an NVIDIA product called CloudXR which can remove those limitations.

Typically XR content is delivered via three usable platforms, a tethered headset, an all-in-one system or a mobile device. The tethered headset (e.g. HTC VIVE) is a headset which would be plugged into a VR capable system and be bound to the GPU as well as the base stations provided for the play area. This gives users the best performance as the system includes a powerful desktop or workstation CPU and GPU but results in a very limited area to work in as you must remain close by.



Low Cost

Smartphones, widely available

Easy to handle, maximum freedom

Low to mid graphical experience



All In One

Low to mid Cost

VR headset without a PC

Built for freedom and XR in mind

Low to mid graphical experience




Highest Cost

Reliant on PC system with GPU

Limited movement and use area

Best graphical experience


NVIDIA Elite Solutions Provider

Boston is the only NVIDIA Elite Solution provider in Northern Europe. Boston was hand selected by developers based at NVIDIA in the USA to evolve the MU-VR concept and bring it to the global market. First demonstrated at GTC Europe in 2017, the MU-VR has evolved with rigorous testing and is now available exclusively through Boston on pre-release.

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What are the types of XR?

XR is an umbrella term for computer-generated environments with which a human can interact with, also referred to as immersive technologies. Depending on where the project sits regarding reality vs digital, determines what sort of XR is being used.

  • AR uses digital overlays on top of the real world to augment/enhance the users experience. They are not interactive and are more like a Heads Up Display which shows useful information.
  • VR completely immerses the user into deep dive experiences that are isolated form any real world interaction; be it realistic or abstract.
  • MR produces an environment where both physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.


Boston’s Roamer MU-CXR (MultiUser CloudXR) is a versatile NVIDIA Cloud XR solution, disrupting the traditional single-user XR setup.
This solution allows groups to experience the marvels of extended reality. The only requisite is having compatible device with Wi-Fi or even 5G cellular connectivity. Boston’s Roamer MU-CXR takes care of the heavy lifting on a remote server.

Included benefits:

  • Streaming from server to client on any XR platforms
  • Full GPU power to less powerful devices.
  • Shared GPU usage.
  • XR usage anywhere.

More the Merrier

Multi User CloudXR (MU-CXR) is an incredibly powerful medium for allowing people to work together on complex projects. Boston takes a lot of time to discuss solutions with customers and find the perfect outcome for them.
The essentials of applying this technology breaks down to some core elements:

  • Training - create rich and in-depth training environments that can simulate real life situations.
  • Customer experience - expand your customer experience to allow users to interact with a virtual product demonstrations.
  • Providing specialist knowledge and support - solve complex issues with multiple people viewing and collaborating.
  • Enhanced design - harness the power of using an XR demonstration that has all the granular detail of a design.

Where Science Fiction Meets Reality

Multi User CloudXR (MU-CXR) allows you to expand the virtualisation to a new cutting-edge technology that will set you up for the future. We can design, make, install and support a virtualisation solution for you. One that can leverage XR and give you the best tools for the upcoming new era of technology.

The science fiction stories are becoming reality, creating endless possibilities for humans to grasp new heights. Imagine a future where...

  • Medical professionals can practice and examine without the presence a live subject.
  • Universities can break down complex and abstract ideas in XR.
  • XR provides engineers with valuable information on dangerous machinery.
  • Architects can present designs in granural detail without committing to physical models.

CloudXR is customisable to allow new and old devices to remain compatible, giving immense flexibility for any XR deployment. Using either a dedicated GPU or vGPU on the server backend, almost any existing device can be used as an XR client. This includes but is not limited to, HTC Vive, Steam Index, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, iOS and Android mobile devices.

The MU-CXR can be further expanded and/or customised to meet personalised specifications. CloudXR also supports a number of compatible GPUs, meaning there are only a few requirements that cannot be satisfied with the flexibility and range this solution can offer.

Why CloudXR?



Seamless streaming from server to client

Usable by all types of XR platforms

Gives full GPU power to less powerful devices

Virtualisation gives more users per GPU

Allows for XR to be used almost anywhere!






Product Design



Media Entertainment



Virtual Production




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A versatile NVIDIA Cloud XR solution - the Boston Roamer MU-CXR has been developed, tested, and optimised from the ground up for CloudXR and is ready for any XR capable device, be it tethered, all-in-one or even for mobile clients.Utilising SteamVR and NVIDIA’s CloudXR, applications are streamed directly from a powerful remote server to any compatible device through Wi-Fi or even 5G cellular.

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