Boston Stream

The Boston Stream family are a collection of video conversion appliances developed in partnership with Industry partners such as Xilinx and V-Nova for live real time video workloads.


Video Transcoding Solutions for Industry



Designed for edge and on-premise compute-intensive workloads where video channel density, throughput and latency are critical requirements, the Boston Stream family feature optimized hardware architectures and software to deliver the industry’s highest channel density and lowest latency. The appliances are available in pre-configured options integrating Xilinx® Alveo™ accelerator cards.




Boston Stream RT 




High-quality live streaming at the industry’s lowest cost per channel! The demand for live video streaming has become a critical business need. Video service providers are faced with delivering high-quality user experiences, while managing their infrastructure and operating costs. Given the computational intensity of converting video, transcoding has prompted the need for an adaptable hardware acceleration platform.







Up to 5X Faster Than CPUs



Up to 6X Lower Cost



Up to 5X Lower Power






Xilinx Alveo

The Boston Stream+ configured with a Xilinx Alveo controller and V-Nova's P+ software enables any service operating private cloud to radically transform their efficiency, reducing operating costs by up to 4x whilst improving the streaming quality-of-service for their users.



In the IoT era, hundreds of millions of cameras are being deployed everywhere, but the ability to extract insights from this tremendous information is extremely challenging.

Boston, alongside Aupera, a video AI innovator, has focused on providing highly efficient and agile video AI solutions for existing cameras instantly without changing your setup, whilst achieving low power consumption, low latency and fast deployment adapting to diversified IoT user scenarios.







Video Processing & real-time AI within a single solution



Seamless integration with existing IP cameras



Out of the box solutions covering camera management, AI analytics & result output




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Public or private clouds can deploy the Boston Stream+ as an ultra-dense encoding solution to offer significant quality and cost benefits to their video delivery customers.

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We help our clients make informed decisions about new technologies, Boston Stream+ is available for testing. We actively encourage customers to approach us with their requirements and pain points so that we can effectively resolve them with the right solutions.


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